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About the founders

The powerhouse duo

Hi! I’m Anis, co-founder of East Bay Resume Specialists. I’ve been in the HR world for over 15 years. I’ve worked in manufacturing, corporate, and non-profit fields. My best memories of working in HR are helping marginalized people feel empowered to speak up and understand their benefits and rights as employees.

I have loved working with the Spanish-speaking communities. Currently, I work for a non-profit that services adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I absolutely love my job! In my free time, I take college classes for fun, read, and garden. Why did I create EBRS? I saw a true need for accessible resume help. I see it all the time; resumes that don’t say enough about your talents. Let me help polish your resume and get you the job (and pay) you deserve. Sometimes they just need a better format and sometimes they need a complete overhaul. Either way, we work with your budget. 

Anis' Story

My favorite foods are cheesecake, pupusas and pasta primavera.

Gardening, weightlifting and reading are my favorite activities.

I cant watch scary movies.

I love horseback riding!

I was born in Mexico and love to visit my hometown of Guadalajara.

Anis' Fun Facts

Hello 👋 My name is Chris and I have been working as a recruiter in the Bay Area for almost 15 years, working directly with hiring managers and job seekers alike. I have mostly specialized in technical recruiting, but have broad industry experience working with companies in the technology, healthcare, financial, and retail sectors. After starting my career at a staffing agency, I have spent the past decade working as an in-house recruiter for two Fortune 500 corporations. I hope to apply my experience in recruiting to aid those that are looking to land jobs, further their careers, or gain insight into how to improve their resumes.

Chris' Story

I'm a big 49ers fan.

I enjoy gaming.

I used to play multiple instruments when I was younger.

I spent the first five years of my life growing up in England.

According to my daughter, I bake really good cookies.

Chris' Fun Facts